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Jungle Boogie Submitted!

Very exciting, and possibly quite anti-climactic – but all the same, exciting.  I just submitted my first children’s picture-book story to a New York literary agent.   I am in a group called the 12 x 12 Children’s Book group and each month of the year we are tasked with writing a picture-book story with a bonus of the opportunity to submit it to a literary agent that can do a few things:

1. Love it and want to help me get it published

2. Think it is mediocre and not worth his/her time

3. Never hear from him/her.

I’m crossing all fingers and toes that its #1 of course.

Here is an excerpt:

ElephantJungle Boogie
by Gretchen Fogelstrom

Elephant, Jaguar, Monkey and Giraffe
Strolling through the jungle on moonlit paths

Wishin’ for some friends with whom to play
Feelin’ all alone at the end of this day

Then at the crossroads, all four locked eyes
And all but Jaguar thought to run for their lives

But a magical thought, held them to that spot
Could these be the friends that each secretly sought?

At first they were frightened, but yes it was true
These four would be friends, it was long-overdue

First, Monkey started whistling a cheerful little tune
Then Giraffe raised her head and bellowed to the moon

Elephant spun around and gave a loud cry
And Jaguar kicked his heels up and touched the sky

Still a bit frightened, how could this be?
Could boogy’n together really end with glee?

Then Monkey took a swing ‘round Giraffe’s long neck
So Jaguar twirled about in a swirl of specks

When Elephant began tooting a lively lyric
Giraffe did the four-step keepin’ in the spirit

The four kept it going ‘till early next light
No one in the jungle slept a wink that night

At first they were frightened, but it felt so right
Dancin’s more fun than to run or to bite

The very next dusk the four became five
When one wee Mouse couldn’t help but join the jive…

*** End of Excerpt. 

Let me know what you think.

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