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Sacramento in Spring

Spring in Sacramento is the perfect time to live here.  The weather has simply been divine.  Mid 70s, slight breeze, glorious sunshine with wispy clouds ever so often... Hopefully it will rain a bit more before the scortching summer heat arrives as we did not have a wet winter and everyone is worried we are… Continue reading Sacramento in Spring

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Hello from Mandalay!

Today marks the 17th day that I have been in Mandalay, Myanmar.  It is a stunning country both visually and culturally.  The view from the plane upon decent into Myanmar was of a very flat landscape marked with squares of agriculture, primarily rice, and a few distant hills shrouded in mist. Debarking from the plane onto the tarmac, I… Continue reading Hello from Mandalay!

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The Land of Golden Pagodas

I'm headed out for a new adventure.  You may be thinking, ah she's headed to Mexico.  But this is not the case.  Although I hope to get down there late next year, I'm headed in a more eastward direction with a whole lot of miles and ocean in between. I'm going to Myanmar!  A Buddhist… Continue reading The Land of Golden Pagodas

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Dreaming of Bright Colors

Over the past year I have been hankering to go abroad again.  Not just to travel, but to absorb a culture, to live and breathe in the aromas and surround myself with the wonderful sounds and bright colors. And as I've pondered this idea, I've been thinking about my third act  of this short life. … Continue reading Dreaming of Bright Colors