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70 hours of Flying: Rescue Mission

September just whizzed by mostly due to preparing to head back to the USA for a quick rescue mission: flights booked, extra detailed lesson plans for my Assistant Teacher, organizing the troops on US soil...Back in August the gal that was supposed to care for my cats and my belongings through July 2014 decided that… Continue reading 70 hours of Flying: Rescue Mission

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Bangkok, Thailand…Pyin Oo Lwin, Myanmar

Sorry for the lack of posting.  The last few weeks have been filled with short work weeks and travel.  As Myanmar does not have work visas, at least not for teachers as of yet, the foreign teachers have to leave the country every 70 days on "visa runs."  Which means our local assistant teachers take… Continue reading Bangkok, Thailand…Pyin Oo Lwin, Myanmar

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Turn a Corner and Out Pops Art

The other day I was jauntily motoring around the city looking for the place that I had purchased my motorbike so that I could get my free oil change.  Not completely sure where it was, I was taking a few turns here and there looking for familiar signs.  I love doing this to be honest. … Continue reading Turn a Corner and Out Pops Art

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From Ugh to Ahh in One Day

Will you allow me a moment to complain?  Or at least a bit of a vent?  I promise to reward you with photos and happiness later on. Teaching third grade is time consuming and really hard.  Hats off to all those that do it and love it.  It requires so much more planning than the… Continue reading From Ugh to Ahh in One Day

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First Foray into “Suburban” Mandalay

On Friday I purchased a motor bike.    It has changed everything.  The freedom to move about, to go beyond the small radius afforded by my bicycle, has renewed my energy and excitement about this country.  I'm just not a big, dirty city gal.  I love the country.  And it is stunning here.  Very different… Continue reading First Foray into “Suburban” Mandalay

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Hello from Mandalay!

Today marks the 17th day that I have been in Mandalay, Myanmar.  It is a stunning country both visually and culturally.  The view from the plane upon decent into Myanmar was of a very flat landscape marked with squares of agriculture, primarily rice, and a few distant hills shrouded in mist. Debarking from the plane onto the tarmac, I… Continue reading Hello from Mandalay!