Anti-Plastic: Compostable Sandwich Bags

Are you anti-plastic? Me too! But my snacks needed support. While I have found alternatives (etee wraps are great), sometimes you just want to have a little zipper-bag to make life easy. Scouring the plastic bag aisle for something un-plastic one day, what did my eyes behold? BioBag! Eureka – a compostable bag at the grocery store! To make it even more exciting – it is resealable with a zipper.anti-plastic

BioBag is a company that is trying to revolutionize the “plastic” industry. They not only have retail sized bags that compost (in earth positive ways), they also make compostable products for commercial use such as grocery store bags and weed suppressing agricultural films. This is really exciting.


For the discerning sandwich maker and nibbles connoisseur, they have sizes ranging from snack to gallon! Even the “resealable zipper” is compostable! Just keep the box in a cool drawer, don’t put hot liquids in them and they will last up to a year. They are made “from the starches of GMO free crops.” Click HERE to check out the details.

Pretty Litter

Pretty Litter for Cats

Are you tired of lugging heavy litter in from the store? Sick of dumping clumps of clay into your garbage? Cat litter does not have to be this awful. Thank goodness for Pretty Litter. This company has found an earth positive solution to the monthly (if not weekly) dreaded cleaning and replacing of our furry friend’s poop and pee.

Pretty Litter LogoPretty Litter is unique in that it is made out of super absorbent silica microgels infused with a “formulation of indicators to help you monitor your cat’s urine.” The only thing you have to do during the month is scoop out the hardened feces. No smell, super light, one bag lasts a whole month (with one cat) and is shipped to your door. I have been using Pretty Litter for about a year now and I just love it. The company is looking into creating a bag that is more biodegradeable which I hope comes soon. The rest of the packaging is cardboard.

This stuff is great as it changes color if your cat is having health problems. My cats had no issue adjusting to it when I introduced it to them. It doesn’t cling to their paws as much as well, so I don’t see the litter all over my house which is super nice. I have been so impressed with this product that I asked to be an affiliate of the company. This simply means that I get a bit of commission if you purchase through my link. So if you are interested – click HERE or on the image in the side bar. Enjoy – I sure do.


Compostable Cell Phone Covers!

While working to open my eyes to all the plastic in my life, I noticed that my cell phone was wrapped snuggly in a cover of teal blue plastic. Ugh. But I am thrilled to say I have an alternative that is seriously cool! Never heard of compostable cell phone cover?

Pela Case to the rescue!

Cell Phone Cover by Pela100% compostable, made from flax. Its flexible, durable, and smooth. The company works with great organizations such as Save the Waves World Wildlife Fund and Amnesty International.

Check out this great video that shows you why you need to ditch the plastic and go flaxstic!

Toothpowder to the Rescue

The Dirt ToothpowderI am loving toothpowder as a new way to scrub my teeth. They not only feel super smooth afterwards, but the taste in my mouth is minty fresh!

Company: The Dirt is a woman-owned company that cares about ridding our morning routines from toxins and plastic. A US based company that is focused on keeping Americans employed as well as helping the earth.

Product: I tried the trial size of the “Super Mint Toothpowder” and it is great. The glass jar with metal top is filled with a greyish powder. It will keep me brushing for six weeks. Super easy to use. Simply wet your (non-plastic 🙂 brush, tap off the excess water, dip into the powder, tap again (why be wasteful) and then gently scrub away.

The large (glass jar) size will last up to six months. My current toothpaste costs about $5 every two months. The Dirt Toothpowder costs about $5 per month – so a bit more, but the upside is that it contains only natural ingredients, zero flouride, does not have soy/gluten/corn, and is woman owned. Give it try!

etee food wraps

etee Food Wraps & Bags

etee food wraps & bagsDitch the plastic!

etee creates beeswax and organic cotton and hemp wraps and bags. I have been using them since last summer and I love them. They are super easy to use, pliable, reusable, and when they wear out (after about 150 uses), you simply cut them up and put them in the compost.

Company: Family owned out of Toronto, Canada. They are big outdoor people and kept running into plastic – even while kayaking. So etee was born: everything touches everything else.

They use only organic cotton and hemp blends. The dyes used are free of heavy metals and are non-toxic. They manufacture their products with little water use and recycle a good portion of what they do use. They are certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard – so they are a socially responsible company too.

The wraps and bags come in three sizes. You work with the warmth of your hands to roll and seal them. Cleaning is easy – just take a soft sponge and run cool water over them and hang to dry. Just don’t put raw meat in them and do not put in freezer. The company is now coming out with a line of satchels as well. Give them a try – ditch the plastic!

Earth Positive Resources

Resources – Yes!

I am exploring how to be a better consumer (impactor?) on this planet. In doing so, I am discovering great companies and products that I would love to share with you. I promise, that before they are listed on my Yes! resources page, I’ll have tested them personally. Next to each recommendation I’ll write a short blurb about why I think they are worthy of your attention.

At this point there are only a few suggestions – with more coming as I decide they meet all the requirements:

  • Ingredients sourced sustainably, non-GMO
  • Packaging contains little or no plastic, or is truly working on getting there, and is either or both: recycled or recyclable
  • Company is focused on the triple bottom line – or is truly working towards this
  • Product works – and I love it

This is just the beginning. I am on a mission to minimize my plastic use, as well as lessen my imact overall. So that means changing things up. When items I already own need replacing, I’ll look for an eco-alternative. I am working on not only staying within my budget, but also not overwhelming myself with drastic (from feeling guilty) changes.

If you are interested in making some plastic-free changes in your life, head on over and check out my new resource page. Click here: Yes! for the latest earth-positive awesomeness I’ve tried and love.