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Usman Dam, Nigeria

Another fun outing with my fellow teachers here in Nigeria.  This time we drove out to Usman Dam.  Just outside of Abuja, but it felt like we were wonderfully removed from the craziness of the city. We hiked along the dam itself and then over the really unique rocky terrain.  It was overcast, thank goodness… Continue reading Usman Dam, Nigeria

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Kan Kaung Ba Zay Myanmar… Sannu Nigeria

A couple weeks ago I said goodbye and good luck to the wonderful people of Myanmar.  It was a year of re-awakening for me.  Seeing the juxtaposition of extreme poverty literally leaning up against extreme wealth brought me to full attention once again.  I had the good fortune of teaching 29 third graders and helping… Continue reading Kan Kaung Ba Zay Myanmar… Sannu Nigeria

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Aung San Suu Kyi at the Irrawady Literary Festival

A fantastic weekend I just had.  Mandalay hosted its second Irrawaddy Literary Festival.  The three days were filled with high profile authors, agents and the amazing Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.  I had to work on Friday, but Saturday and Sunday I immersed myself in the musings of talented minds and stories of those dedicated… Continue reading Aung San Suu Kyi at the Irrawady Literary Festival

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Spinning Tornadoes To the Rescue!

I'm excited to say that my third graders, the self proclaimed Spinning Tornadoes, have out done  themselves.  Through weekly bake sales and an all school walk-a-thon, they raised not the original goal of $2,500, but $3,814! This money will give 153 people clean water for life through  I'm very proud of my little troop.

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Holiday Craft Fun!

Just a quick post to show you some fun my student's have been having making Christmas crafts. We've been making heart-hand letters to tell mom and dad how much the student's love them.  Colorful chains for decorating the halls, paper plate snowmen and snowflakes.  Tomorrow we have a Secret Santa gift exchange and then we… Continue reading Holiday Craft Fun!

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Clean Water for Everyone!

After half a year of opening the eyes of my third graders to the plight of people less fortunate than them, they decided it would be really great to give back some how.  I was thrilled. I introduced them to brainstorming and we came up with tons of wonderful ideas.  Then narrowing it down, they… Continue reading Clean Water for Everyone!