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Coconut Oil Addiction

I have become an addict.  I admit it, but I won't be engaging in any 12 step programs.  I love my addiction and I keep learning more and more about how great it is.  As you know, I normally do not re-post articles on this blog, but today I came across this great run-down of… Continue reading Coconut Oil Addiction

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For the Love of Baking

On Thursday I took my third graders on a field trip to a bakery.  We had such fun.  Last week I started a mini-unit on career exploration.  We talked about what a career is (it was a vocab word last week) and what types of jobs are in each career and then specifically what jobs… Continue reading For the Love of Baking

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Purging So As To Re-Absorb

16 days until departure! With the help of tons of friends, I have found a great person to sub-let my duplex and take care of my precious cats while I'm gone.  So the next step was to purge the non-essential by-products that I have steadily acquired since I have been living in the same city,… Continue reading Purging So As To Re-Absorb