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Oregon Gardens

A deep breath infuses my body with the rich perfumes of pine, fir, lush soil, cut grass, and blossoming plants.  Every time, it nearly knocks me over with its power.  The abundance of nature in all its glory is here in Oregon.  I love being here with my mom at her beautiful house just off… Continue reading Oregon Gardens

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Epic Zombie Killers!

My wonderful, sweet, and creative 6th graders just presented their Post Zombie Apocalypse Geography Plays (yes, I know that is a mouthful!).  But they were hysterical. They had to present all the concepts we learned about in our geography unit, in the format of a five minute play - theme: resettling after a zombie outbreak.… Continue reading Epic Zombie Killers!

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Spinning Tornadoes To the Rescue!

I'm excited to say that my third graders, the self proclaimed Spinning Tornadoes, have out done  themselves.  Through weekly bake sales and an all school walk-a-thon, they raised not the original goal of $2,500, but $3,814! This money will give 153 people clean water for life through  I'm very proud of my little troop.

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Clean Water for Everyone!

After half a year of opening the eyes of my third graders to the plight of people less fortunate than them, they decided it would be really great to give back some how.  I was thrilled. I introduced them to brainstorming and we came up with tons of wonderful ideas.  Then narrowing it down, they… Continue reading Clean Water for Everyone!

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Recycled Beads and Mud Mountains

The last couple of weeks have been really fun with my third graders.  I think, after 3.5 months we are all getting into a rhythm and I must say it is so nice.  We wrapped up a unit on global poverty in social studies with an inside look into how people are helping people through… Continue reading Recycled Beads and Mud Mountains

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Visioning… Our Futures

Such a fun evening with the girls last Saturday! I rounded up three friends and with a lot of magazines, scissors and glue, we created our vision boards. To get the visions flowing and to learn more about these great women, I poured us all a glass of wine and then asked each to share… Continue reading Visioning… Our Futures