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Pretty Litter for Cats

Are you tired of lugging heavy litter in from the store? Sick of dumping clumps of clay into your garbage? Cat litter does not have to be this awful. Thank goodness for Pretty Litter. This company has found an earth positive solution to the monthly (if not weekly) dreaded cleaning and replacing of our furry friend’s poop and pee.

Pretty Litter LogoPretty Litter is unique in that it is made out of super absorbent silica microgels infused with a “formulation of indicators to help you monitor your cat’s urine.” The only thing you have to do during the month is scoop out the hardened feces. No smell, super light, one bag lasts a whole month (with one cat) and is shipped to your door. I have been using Pretty Litter for about a year now and I just love it. The company is looking into creating a bag that is more biodegradeable which I hope comes soon. The rest of the packaging is cardboard.

This stuff is great as it changes color if your cat is having health problems. My cats had no issue adjusting to it when I introduced it to them. It doesn’t cling to their paws as much as well, so I don’t see the litter all over my house which is super nice. I have been so impressed with this product that I asked to be an affiliate of the company. This simply means that I get a bit of commission if you purchase through my link. So if you are interested – click HERE or on the image in the side bar. Enjoy – I sure do.

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