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Anti-Plastic: Compostable Sandwich Bags

Are you anti-plastic? Me too! But my snacks needed support. While I have found alternatives (etee wraps are great), sometimes you just want to have a little zipper-bag to make life easy. Scouring the plastic bag aisle for something un-plastic one day, what did my eyes behold? BioBag! Eureka – a compostable bag at the grocery store! To make it even more exciting – it is resealable with a zipper.anti-plastic

BioBag is a company that is trying to revolutionize the “plastic” industry. They not only have retail sized bags that compost (in earth positive ways), they also make compostable products for commercial use such as grocery store bags and weed suppressing agricultural films. This is really exciting.


For the discerning sandwich maker and nibbles connoisseur, they have sizes ranging from snack to gallon! Even the “resealable zipper” is compostable! Just keep the box in a cool drawer, don’t put hot liquids in them and they will last up to a year. They are made “from the starches of GMO free crops.” Click HERE to check out the details.

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