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I am exploring how to be a better consumer (impactor?) on this planet. In doing so, I am discovering great companies and products that I would love to share with you. I promise, that before they are listed on my Yes! resources page, I’ll have tested them personally. Next to each recommendation I’ll write a short blurb about why I think they are worthy of your attention.

At this point there are only a few suggestions – with more coming as I decide they meet all the requirements:

  • Ingredients sourced sustainably, non-GMO
  • Packaging contains little or no plastic, or is truly working on getting there, and is either or both: recycled or recyclable
  • Company is focused on the triple bottom line – or is truly working towards this
  • Product works – and I love it

This is just the beginning. I am on a mission to minimize my plastic use, as well as lessen my imact overall. So that means changing things up. When items I already own need replacing, I’ll look for an eco-alternative. I am working on not only staying within my budget, but also not overwhelming myself with drastic (from feeling guilty) changes.

If you are interested in making some plastic-free changes in your life, head on over and check out my new resource page. Click here: Yes! for the latest earth-positive awesomeness I’ve tried and love.

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