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Coconut Oil Skin Food

All Good Coconut Oil Skin FoodThis alternative to your typical lotions, most of which come in some sort of plastic (non-recyclable) packaging, is an easy and deliciously smelling oil for your whole body.

All Good Organic Coconut Skin Food

Company: Their production facility runs on solar power. They care about our reefs and only use 100% reef-friendly ingredients. They never use or incorporate GMOs. All of their packaging is recycled and recyclable. The product came in a cardboard box and the product is housed in a glass jar with a metal lid. They are a B Corp – care about the triple bottom line. They never test on animals. I could go on. This is a company to support.

I have only tried the Organic Coconut Skin Food – Lemongrass, but I have to say, I am in love with it. It is coconut oil – so it is hard or liquidy depending on the temperature in your house. But it is super easy to use and it makes my whole body smell good and my skin feel luxurious. I will definitely be trying more of their product options in the future.

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