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Stay Calm and Drink Water!

Stay calm, breathe! Drink water! Everyone tells us this is smart. But I have struggled to find an on-the-go tumbler that is earth-positive AND encourages me to drink, drink, drink.  The perfect no-spill bottle and straw by Contigo was my answer.

Drink More Water label on a hand drawn cup of water

Another gorgeous day working outside. I love summer; the breeze, the scent of gardenia and honeysuckle wafting by, the hummingbirds buzzing in to check me out. Working outside is the best.

It also requires lots of water! But I have found that if I have to unscrew a bottle cap, I just don’t seem to reach out and take the time to sip.

Back in May

Contigo Tumbler with Straw, BPA freeWhen it really started getting warm here in the Central Valley of California, I decided to search for a solution. I knew every time I had a beverage in a cup with a straw, I tended to drink it down fast. But I really didn’t want to add more plastic, one-use straws to the landfills.

I tried fun bottles with flip-up sip tops. But I must be super lazy. The fact that I had to push a button and flip a top, then tip the bottle up into the air, well they didn’t get me drinking any more water than I already was consuming.

Jubilation in June

I kept searching and I found my solution inJune: a hard recycled plastic, BPA-free tumbler and straw combo. AND, it has an autoclose function when you take out the straw so you can shake up the contents if you are putting something else in there besides water. PERFECT!

Just today, sitting outside in the 90-degree heat working on my laptop I have consumed six full bottles of water – that’s 144 oz!

If you are like me and you need that straw – but care about the earth enough to refrain from using those one-use nasties – check out this bottle. I love it.Drink waterDrink water

The awesome thing about this company is that they care about the earth AND us.  So they are focusing on getting the word out about recycling and ONLY using reuseable beverage containers.  Help our planet, drink with a reuseable cup (and straw!).



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