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Sacramento in Spring

Spring in Sacramento is the perfect time to live here.  The weather has simply been divine.  Mid 70s, slight breeze, glorious sunshine with wispy clouds ever so often… Hopefully it will rain a bit more before the scortching summer heat arrives as we did not have a wet winter and everyone is worried we are going back into drought mode.  But for now, on my Spring Break, it has been delicious.

Here are a few flowers in my garden that have decided to bask in this great weather:

Sacramento, Spring


School has been really fun this year.  The kids just concluded learning about the Bill of Rights and the Three Branches of Government – for their culminating projects they did a music video and then a stop-motion video (respectively) explaining each.  Super silly and fun.  They also wrote a biography and did a research project on a founding father or mother of the US.  Here, they are dressed up ready to present their biography:Sacramento, SpringSacramento, SpringFIELD TRIP

We also lucked out at Marin Headlands this year and it only poured down rain on us in the mornings – the afternoons were full of beautiful sunshine.

Sacramento Field Trip to Marin Headlands
At the lighthouse.

We are now moving into learning about the Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark and then on to the Civil War.  Its an exciting and very packed full final nine weeks.


Sacramento, Activisim
March for Our Lives 2018

I’ve been doing a bit of hiking and exploring, not as much as I had planned as I am tutoring after school and trying to fit in writing the next book in “The Treasure Chest Mysteries.”  I’ve gone on a couple of marches: Women’s March and the March for Our Lives.  So amazing to be out there with people who care about our country.  Sacramento is full of opportunities to enjoy spring.

Great Sand Hill Cranes, Sacramento
Sunset watching the Great Sand Hill Cranes
Women's March Sacramento
Women’s March with Kristin and Brynna

And here it is April tomorrow!  I hope spring is being gorgeous where ever you are as well. Enjoy!

~ Gretchen

Poppies on the Mokelumne River



3 thoughts on “Sacramento in Spring”

  1. Hi Gretchen,

    My name is Kathy Rees and I am the Librarian at YWIES in Guangzhou, China. Tania Courtis asked me to order two of your books for our library. I did and had them delivered to my daughter in the States and my husband will be bringing them back with him when he returns from a business trip to the States this week! I would love it if you would be willing to do an Author WeChat Video conference call with our students! Is that something that you would consider doing? I can hardly wait for the books to get here!


    1. Hi Kathy! That is so sweet of you and Tania! I’d love to do a chat. Did you order both books or just the last one (The Jade Serpent)? Email me and we’ll set it

      Big hello to Tania!

      1. Hi Gretchen,

        Oh Tania is going to be so thrilled and I can hardly wait too! Tania is now our English Primary Department Chair. No, I am happy to say that I ordered both Titanus McDuff and the Birthday Surprise (The Treasure Chest Mysteries) and The Jade Serpent: The Treasure Chest Mysteries, Book Two (Volume 2).

        We are on Spring Break right now but week after next I will talk to Tania and see when we can arrange a time where we can get more grade levels involved and then I will get back with you. Wow, this is so excited for us and I can imagine that it will be fun for you too since you taught here before!

        Greatly Looking Forward to Our Author On-line Visit With You!

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