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Dead Sea Scrolls and the Endeavour

Dead Sea Scrolls
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The Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition was wonderful. Very well presented.  I couldn’t take any photos, but it was worth the $16 (student rate) to spend time amongst all the different pieces on display.  One image that kept popping up all over the place was of pomegranates.  Apparently the scrolls spoke of how pomegranates symbolized fertility (with the numerous seeds inside).  There were carvings of itsy bitsy size representations on up to large adornments on pottery.  The scrolls themselves are in such disrepair that the translations were incomplete for the most part.  But in general they described the basic tenets of how to live your life as a good Jew.

Then, after my quiet time amongst ancient pots, bones and scrolls I ventured into the mayhem of student groups visiting the Science Center to see the space shuttle Endeavour.  At first I wasn’t overly impressed.  But as I wandered below its mass, I thought about how far this piece of machinery had gone away from our planet and what that must be like to truly leave earth.  It was humbling to think about.

Endeavour Collage

The part that was the most impressive to me was the rocket booster.  So complex.  IMG_3515

Then I walked back to downtown.  On my walk which took about 45 minutes, I noticed no one crossed the street unless the walk sign was on.  Also that cars waited, sometimes very patiently for pedestrians to walk across the street at the appointed time.  No one crossed whenever, cars didn’t take priority, no near misses.  It was so amazingly civilized and patient.  It has been a long time since I experienced such following of legal rules.  In Vietnam the mode was walk, don’t look at all the on-coming traffic, they will swerve around you if you do not slow down or speed up.  Just keep walking.  In Mexico it is ‘beware of the car’ as pedestrians will be hit and are of little priority to the driver.  And cross when you can as lights do not help your odds.

Heading back to Mexico in a couple of hours.  Feels a bit surreal that I have been here, in the US, in LA.  Back to reality and salsa dancing tomorrow night!

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