Mexican Birds

I swear Mexican birds cheep louder than any where else.  I am sitting here at my expansive living room window, where my desk faces out onto tall trees and trying to read the latest chapters for one of the grad classes I am taking and I can’t concentrate.

Trees from My WindowThe birds are so happy in these trees.  The birds are just plain happy here in Mexico.  Occasionally I get a hummingbird to come visit me at my window.  I finally discovered that right next to my office window, on the balcony next door is a plant full of blossoms.  So it wasn’t me my little friend was visiting at all.  But glorious to hear and see anyway.

On my roof top I see these guys in swarms: Inca doves, cooing and pacing and fluffing just as they should.

Inca Dove

These guys are everywhere making a racket.  Maybe they are the ones bringing me out of my books: Grackles.  What a perfect name.

Large tailed Grackle (Zanate)


These beauties I have yet to see, but now that I know they are here in quantity, I will keep a look out: Cardinal Flycatchers.

Vermillion Flycatcher (Cardenalito)Ok – back to studying.  Enjoy your afternoon and listing to the real, live tweets!


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  1. Jennifer B

    Sunny and warm, sounds perfect! I’m so enjoying your updates Gretchen. Thank you!

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