Usman Dam, Nigeria

Another fun outing with my fellow teachers here in Nigeria.  This time we drove out to Usman Dam.  Just outside of Abuja, but it felt like we were wonderfully removed from the craziness of the city.

Usman DamWe hiked along the dam itself and then over the really unique rocky terrain.  It was overcast, thank goodness as we were rarely in the shade.  The water was inviting, but since all the water here in Nigeria contains a snail that excretes a nasty parasite, we refrained.  So we just hiked around, talked to the local fishermen, enjoyed the cows and eventually had a picnic.

Usman Dam.Boaters

Fishermen getting ready to head out to fish.

Usman Dam.Fisherman on Lake

Lone fisherman

Usman Dam.Fisherman

All of their boats must have had leaks, because they were all half full of water.

Usman Dam.Holy Rock

This rock, we were told, is holy. But no one could tell us why.

Usman Dam.Lyle and his cows

Lyle, trying to grab a horn.

Super strong and determined!  This tree split this rock.

Super strong and determined! This tree split this rock.

Dusk at the dam

Dusk at the dam

Usman Dam.Taylor the Leopard

Taylor, one of our teacher’s son acting like a leopard above our picnic.

Usman Dam.Village 2

Village outside of Usman Dam.

Usman Dam.Village 3 Usman Dam.VillageA really fun day with my new friends.  Then we headed to the Bwari Pottery factory.  This is a small, local group that does some really fun pottery.  All products are fired for 12 hours via a fire heated kiln, then glazed and fired for another 12 hours.  Pretty sturdy stuff.  They also have a small plantation around their buildings and they make shea butter lotion and soap.  So, I could resist.  Here is my bounty:

Bwari pottery, shea butter lotion and soap.

Bwari pottery, shea butter lotion and soap.

To all you mothers out there – I hope your day is filled with happiness and love.



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3 responses to “Usman Dam, Nigeria

  1. Thanks for the great story and photos.. love you and miss you friend : )

  2. Mary Moss

    Gretchen, I found your blog when I was searching for information regarding teaching in Mandalay. Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed your postings.

  3. waqasahmad816

    Reblogged this on Africa Tourist Destinations and commented:
    Wow such a work on your blog. Really help me

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