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Recycled Beads and Mud Mountains

The last couple of weeks have been really fun with my third graders.  I think, after 3.5 months we are all getting into a rhythm and I must say it is so nice.  We wrapped up a unit on global poverty in social studies with an inside look into how people are helping people through micro-enterprise with a video from Bead For Life and then proceeded to make recycled paper necklaces.  They just loved it.IMG_1006Recycled Necklaces Project 1Recycled Necklaces Project 2Then last week we finished a unit on how the Earth changes slowly with an erosion project.  In groups, they all went outside and made mountains in the mud.  The biggest surprise to me was that many had never put their little hands in it before.  Initially they were literally revolted.  But once I told them they simply had to put their hands in the dirt in order to build a mountain, they finally got into and the whole hour was full of big smiles.  They scavenged for rocks and weeds to act as trees.  It was great.  They tried making ponds and artificial rivers (out of pebbles) to ease the water to where they wanted it to flow.  They were really creative.

Erosion Project 1Erosion Project 2But of course the boys just couldn’t resist slinging a bit of slime, so a mud fight rounded out the event and before I could snag the culprits, many were covered.  As you can see they were all pretty, darn happy.

Hope your week is creative and fun too!


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