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Turn a Corner and Out Pops Art

The other day I was jauntily motoring around the city looking for the place that I had purchased my motorbike so that I could get my free oil change.  Not completely sure where it was, I was taking a few turns here and there looking for familiar signs.  I love doing this to be honest.  I like to explore.  It is so much fun.

Well I turned down a street that had an enticing bend in the road ahead and, although I knew it was the wrong way, I just couldn’t resist the bend.  And I was fully rewarded for my risk taking (ok, there was no risk what-so-ever, but doesn’t it sound more exciting?).

As I turned the bend I came upon the craziest building I had seen in Mandalay.

Artist - Dreamland Art Studio 1The cement sculptures on the rooftop and entryway were zany and fun, very liberal in there expression and full of, at least my interpretation, happiness and zeal.  I had to stop and check this place out.

Artist - Dreamland Art Studio 2To my great pleasure I learned that it is an art studio, Dreamland Art Studio, that offers classes in music and many forms of painting and drawing.

I walked in and found a gal that speaks great English and said, although they had just finished a semester of classes, that I could take a look around and share with you all some of the art on the walls.

Art - DAS - Collage of Paintings copy I just love the unique perspectives, colors, mediums…  I’m definitely going to look into taking classes in September when they open up again.

It is so fun to explore.  I love discovering hidden treasures.

Have a creative week!

Check out Dreamland Art Studio on Facebook (for some reason my link button won’t work – so here is the URL:  Dreamland Art Studio (

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  1. Gretchen: You seem so much happier this week. The art looked like sand sculptures. Right from the Oregon coast. Joan

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