Zero to Count

My last day in the US.  Flying out tomorrow morning bright and early.

My journey tomorrow will be 25 hours starting from my home in Portland, Oregon

to San Francisco, California…

to Tokyo, Japan…

to Bangkok, Thailand – arriving at 11pm.

I’ll be leaving the USA on May 9th, arriving in Bangkok, Thailand the night of the 10th.  Then mid-morning on the 11th I fly for an hour and land in Mandalay, Myanmar.

I’m ready.  The third graders at the Ayeyarwaddy International School are getting a very excited and enthusiastic teacher.  I can’t wait to start!

Ayeyarwaddy International School

Here’s to a fun year!



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7 responses to “Zero to Count

  1. Safe travels and I look forward to hearing more of your time there!!!

  2. wow – tomorrow!! be in touch – call today if you can. lv me

  3. How exciting!! May you enjoy every moment of your new travels!!!

  4. Sarah

    Gretchen! I am thinking of you! May you enjoy the exhilaration of a new culture and your place on this earth! We send our love!

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