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The Land of Golden Pagodas

I’m headed out for a new adventure.  You may be thinking, ah she’s headed to Mexico.  But this is not the case.  Although I hope to get down there late next year, I’m headed in a more eastward direction with a whole lot of miles and ocean in between.

I’m going to Myanmar!  A Buddhist country full of golden pagodas and palaces, lush rainforest, exotic spices and foods and beautiful, soft, gentle people.

I am going to teach:  little people excited and wiggly, sponges of curiosity.

It has happened quickly (signed the contract yesterday, bought my air ticket last night) and now I leave on May 9th!  Only 22 days until departure.  I’ll be living in the vibrant city of Mandalay come Saturday, May 11th.

Thanks to a huge support of friends and family I am able to sub-let my duplex (thus saving me all the massive packing and moving I was going to have to do), my wonderful new sub-letter is going to take care of my precious cats and I am off to teach, explore, and breath once again.  My heart and head need this.

I will be posting stories and photos on this site about my adventures over the next year. I hope you’ll enjoy, comment and engage.

I’m looking forward to a wonderful experience in a place I have yet to explore.   Gretchen

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