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Spring Is Really Here

A happy poem to welcome in Spring!
It is also entered in
Susanna Leonard Hill’s “In Just Spring” children’s story writing contest.

I hope you enjoy.

Sealing a kiss with pollinated bliss!
Sealing their love with pollinated bliss!

Spring Love

All photos and the story
by Gretchen Fogelstrom

A bee buzzed by a flower one day,

A sunny afternoon in the month of May.

The flower winked once to catch his eye,

So the bee circled round in the cloudless sky.

He thought how friendly is this flowers’ tone,

As he buzzed back by with a wink of his own.

She couldn’t contain her blossoming smile,

As he did loop-d-loops in the sky for awhile.

Then suddenly he flew in to say ‘hi,’

But once so close, his ‘hi’ became a sigh.

So she leaned forward and planted a kiss,

Sealing their love with pollinated bliss.

The birds in the trees sang out with great cheer

As now they knew glorious Spring was really here.

Sunflower Bud
Poppy Emerging
Poppy Emerging
Rose Bud
Rose Bud

33 thoughts on “Spring Is Really Here”

  1. “Sealing their love with pollinated bliss”…oh my! What an awesome line.:)
    So nice to connect with you, Gretchen, via Susanna’s Spring Contest. Your poem was fun and sweet and warmed me up on a chilly pre-spring day.:)

  2. How unique and creative! I love the winking between the flower and the bee. Quite a courtship! Andy your poppy photo is fascinating.

  3. A good flirtation, with some lovely images!
    You may find, as I have, that often it pays to have the last two lines scan exactly. They seem to give more impact that way, particularly if the rest has been fairly free.

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