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Paw Prints

If the cat walks across
your manuscript when you weren’t there,
does it leave prints?

If you could tell the tale about what happened in this picture, what would it say?

Cat paws in a fifteenth-century manuscript (photo taken at the Dubrovnik archives by @EmirOFilipovic) – taken from the blog:

Cairo purred his deep, undulating rhythm.  As he unfurled his long, ringed tail and stretched out revealing the star on his belly, the Master turned and gave a moments notice.

Forgotten again, Cairo paced.  He didn’t like being down from the pedestal.  He preferred worship.  It was his right.

A moment of startle as the Master rose and stridently walked from the room, slamming the door.

Locked in, unloved, un, un…

He would show the Master he was entitled to more.  More love, more caresses, more devotion to the god he was.

After peeing on the binding he purposefully spilled the ink and walked across the pages…

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