Who Do You Write Like?

So today, as usual, learning about other wonderful blogs and websites from AR NEAL – I discovered a fun website that lets you plop in some of your own text then analyzes it and spits out which famous author your writing is similar.  I couldn’t resist and gave it a try.

First I submitted Survival from my Storied Impressions blog and it came back as similar to Stephen King‘s writing style.  Dark and scary!  Oh no!!!

Then I submitted my Jungle Boogie story and it came back with Rudyard Kipling as my similar writing style.  He wrote about adventures in the jungles with such memorable titles as “The Jungle Book”, “The Man Who Would Be King” and “Mandalay”.  This seems more me, as I spent many years in the rainforests of Guatemala and Malaysian Borneo and I think my natural voice is more enjoyed by children.

ScreenHunter_17 Feb. 10 14.17So then I tried one more – a chapter book I’m working on called “King Henry’s Backyard Mysteries; The Troublesome Trespassers” and now my writing is similar to Agatha Christie!

So re-capping…

I write dark, scary, childlike, adventuresome mysteries.

Ok – gives me lots of room to explore as I write!   Just another woman with many voices.

Want to try for yourself?  Go to: I Write Like

Then come back and leave a comment as to who you are similar to!  Fun.

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