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Solar Panels Over Aqueducts! Genius.

This blog is about creativity right?  Well check out what VERY CREATIVE people are doing in India.  I just had to share.

“In India they are laying solar panels over their aquaducts so that they are producing electricity and preventing evaporation of much needed agricultural water all at the same time. The panels in this picture, taken in/near Gujarat, India produce 1 MW of electricity per Km and prevents the evaporation of 1 crore (10 million) litres of water every single day.”

This quote was by Mike of The Progressive Centralists.

If you want to read more – check out Green Builders Press.

Map of India showing location of Gujarat
Map of India showing location of Gujarat

I’ve always thought it was odd that California had miles of uncovered (evaporating) water – this looks like a great way to conserve water and make electicity.  What do you think?  Other ideas?

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