Friday Fictioneers – a blog with a photo prompt – Every, you guessed it, Friday.  Here’s my 100 word story.

Beach - by Renee Homan Heath
Photo by Renee Homan Heath

Swept Away?
by Gretchen Fogelstrom

The shadows are growing long.  I know it’s time to go home, to face her.  Deep down, I know she is right.  I need to go back to school.

But I’ve always felt alive on the beach, nowhere else.  The rest of the world seems too chaotic.  The rhythm of the rising and setting of the sun, the in and out of waves, they help me breathe. The biggest crazy, is when the wind kicks up and the waves grow large.

The wind is kicking up now.  And the waves are at my toes.  What if a rogue wave comes?  Could I be swept away?  Could I become one with the fish?

Aren’t I philosophic?  Hmm, maybe philosophy as a major?


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