Here is my Friday Fictioneer’s 100-word story based on the photo prompt below.

Photo by Claire Fuller:

by Gretchen Fogelstrom

All day I could feel her.  I felt her movements below the surface flow through my arms.

I couldn’t stop.

She needed me.

She needed to emerge.

I needed nourishment.  I turned, only to discover I couldn’t leave.  I turned back.

She was not alone.

Now there were two.  They were caressing, loving each other.  I hated him.  He wasn’t supposed to be.

Now they needed me.

But I wouldn’t let them escape.  She was mine, not his.

They would not emerge.

In one quick movement, they became she and my pounding heart began to calm.

But as I raised my eyes to the destruction I had committed, she had become he.



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23 responses to “FRIDAY FICTIONEERS

  1. Donna

    Fascinating and thought-provoking. Donna

  2. That ‘he’ was determined to have his day in the sun. Very original, enjoyed it.

  3. Nicely creepy! I felt what the artist saw in the stone struggling to emerge and the relationship between and artist and his work, but when she/they got out of control, that was unexpected.


  4. Excellent. And very well developed.

  5. Very original. If the sculpture hadn’t been there as the prompt, your story could almost be read as a pregnancy, when the mother discovers she’s having twins.

  6. Dear Gretchen,
    Now that’s an artist who takes his work far too seriously. I think he needs to get out more among real people. Nice job.

  7. Dear Gretchen,

    The obsessive nature of artists was well illustrated in your piece. Van Gogh could relate.



  8. This could either be a case for shrink or a really scary thriller. And still open ended.

  9. “I felt her movements below the surface flow through my arms.” – Creepy and effective, and it gives us our first look at the sculptor’s obsessive personality. Great sentence.

  10. Unexpected ending. Good job.

  11. THe poor guy found the girl to love and the other guy demanded to be a part. Even while trying to separate them he st the guy free.

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