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Fun with Photography

A few days ago I dusted off my Photoshop software and took another spin at playing around.  How quickly one forgets the tricks when you don’t use this powerful program on a consistent basis.

After advisement from my wonderful friend Ivy, I found some great washes and textures (on Deviant Art and Flickr) to play with in addition to my numerous flower photographs I have taken in my garden over the past few years.

So my first attempts are just that, firsts.  But I had so much fun, that I am planning on expanding my abilities, taking more online tutorials and presenting you all with fun photographs, taken by me and then manipulated to express a feeling.

The Clematis I took about 4 years ago one early morning in late Spring.

  Here is the altered version:

I bought this rusted metal flower at the McMenaminsCracked Pots” festival 3 summers ago – fun event for all art that is re-purposed / recycled.  Here is the original photo:

Here is the one I had fun with overlays:

This is a picture of what my neighbors call Gargantuan!  This rouge sunflower, which I can only surmise came from my “neutralized bird feed”, grew to over 10 feet tall and the ‘stock’ as I like to call it was at least 4″ in diameter – and it was all by itself in the middle of a bed of low growing perennials.  Very fun.  Here is the original photo:

And here is the result of some playing around on Photoshop:

I have had a great time re-learning and seeing how much more there is to play with.  Here’s to exploration!

I would love to hear your comments!

Have a great Thursday!


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