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Fall Friends in Deep Repose

Sitting by a cozy fire with my wonderful furry friends the other night, I was doing a bit of writing.  I looked down to see both Oscar and Albert (my 2 cats) all snuggled together.  Unfortunately if I moved to get my camera, I would disturb them so the photo below is from a sunny summer afternoon – but you get the idea.

And here is the poem I was working on, thinking of how perfect a world could be…

Oscar and Albert

Fall Friends

One rainy day, the fire a glow,

Upon a cozy blanket lay,

Two furry brothers in deep repose,

Quietly dreaming of that day,

Not weeks before, when sun did shine,

The birds and mice and cats as one,

In mounds of leaves, played for a time,

Together laughing, having fun.

Have a great weekend.


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