Zippity Zoom Airplane Finally at My Etsy Shop

I just finished my second birthday party pack for my Etsy shop.  I’ve been working on developing my Zippity Zoom airplane designs for quite a few months off and on.  I finally put the last touches together last night and voila, I thought I had something fun and new to show and tell… and sell.

But disaster struck!

Or rather it finally hit me that my little single-wing only had one seat!  Now how can you have a party with no room for friends?

Zippity Zoom - But No Room...for Friends

Zippity Zoom - But No Room...for Friends

So today I spent time stretching out my plane to accommodate a few pals.  And I have now traded out the old plane for the new and have finally uploaded them all to my Etsy shop and they are ready to be viewed and purchased for a fun, zippity zoom birthday party!

Yay!  Friends!

Yay! Friends!

I would love your comments below on what you think.  And of course let me know if you have ideas for my next compilation of fun.

Tonight I am starting to work on a more adult concept – Wine Tasting Party!  In fact, I think it is time to imbibe a bit to get my creative juices flowing 🙂


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